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* Link with different categories of experts

* Member to members work closely in

   the network

* To build trust with your partners 

* Get a good business partner globally

* See "old friends & your partners" & the

new ones.

Come to our event

15-17 Sep 2022

* Projected +80 professionals from int'l freight, project cargo, Bulk & ship charter &  supply chain-related companies to attend this event.  It is a small group but the members work closely under mutual aid to tackle global supply chain challenges.

Pacific Global Association 

   21st Annual General Meeting


15-17 Sep 2022

  Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit


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 Thailand Travel Restriction update

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               Pacific Global, care more
* Quality professional in different specialty

* Quality of referrals & lead 

* Member to members work closely in

   the network

               Our Member quality
* Over 70% of our current members

   join us for longer than 15 years

* Only accept a screened applicant

* Membership renewal rate over 90%

   averagely in the last 20 years

             Member Specialty 

* Auto-car shipping & inspection

* Cold-chains logistics solution

* Courier & international express 

* Global logistics solution

* Heavy-lift item handling

* Fashion logistics 

* Project freight specialist

* PPE Logistics & supply chains

* Quality & Quantity inspection

* Auto & racing car shipping

* Ship's broker & chartering

* Wine logistics, Including bulk wine

* Yacht Shipping

Norman lok.jpg

Mr. Norman Lok (Chairman)

Pacific Global Association (PGA) is a worldwide logistics network and our goal is to set up freight alliance for SME (Small-Mid Enterprise) globally with a global branding to let members work closely together on the same chain within the network.  PGA is not a sizeable logistics network which accepts unlimited members and we only allow different specialties in the same city/port with maximum 3 members.    

Our committee

All of our committee representatives are volunteers without any pay & allowance but with the same goal to let our business partners be "PGA" members to work on the same chains & let mid-micro enterprises work under mutual aid globally.

Our committee members from different specializations in logistics,  & supply chain with more than 25 years of experience.

Tech People

this must

be the


we need

Our Benefits

More business opportunities and aiding of your weak,  PGA members always work with other members in PGA Community, brainstorming to tackle all shipping & logistics challenges.  The strength of different specializations would drive you to develop different types of business as PGA only allows three members in the same city in a different specialty.

Quality and a real business referrals,  Besides "member seeking business opportunities within the network"PGA  also sources quality business referrals from our Global Business online community to our Logisitcs network members.

Connects a Global Network immediately,  Although we don't have thousand counted members in our network but with our High-quality members in a different logistics & supply chains specialization, we trust it would be a good partner to you.  More than 110 active members in 52 countries with different global transport-related specialists.​

Annual Meeting,  PGA would organize an annual meeting (AGM) to let our member meet all members or we should call "old friends or your partners" and the new ones.

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