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Empowering SMEs(Small-Medium size Enterprises) logistics companies to reach New Heights

Unblock your company's FULL potential with the Pacific Global Association.

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The Pacific Global Association (PGA) is a global logistics network that was established in 2000 with a single member in each city, since restructuring its membership in 2022 to include up to three members per city and each member is carefully selected for their expertise in project logistics, heavy-lift freight, and freight forwarding, with each member

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We are focusing more:

* Highly qualified specialists in a variety of fields

* Member's Quality over Quantity

* Fostering Proactive Business Referrals

* Closely collaboration among the members

* Freight Debt Protection

* Instant Messaging for timely business leads and emergency assistance.


A highly qualified specialist

* Auto-car shipping and inspection

* Bulk & conventional cargo handling

* Cold-chain logistics solution

* Courier & international express

* Global logistics solution

* Heavy-lift item handling

* Fashion logistics


* Project freight specialist

* PPE Logistics & supply chains

* Quality and Quantity inspection

* Auto & racing car shipping

* Ship's broker & chartering

* Wine logistics, Including bulk wine

* Yacht Shipping

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Quality over Quantity

Pacific Global Association (PGA) like as a semi-exclusive logistics network that accepts only three members per city worldwide, each with a different logistics specialty.

* All applicants are screened and subjected to three credit reference checks


* A limited number of members reduces competition within the Association and allows members to collaborate with each other closely.

*  Members receive personalized attention and support from the association and other members, ensuring that their needs are met

* PGA fosters stronger and more friendly relationships among its members, creating a more supportive and collaborative environment that is especially important if you are looking for a long-term partnership.

* Over 70% of current members have been with us for more than 10 years

and membership renewal rates are over 90% on average.

* PGA ensures optimal exposure for each member, creating a strong sense of loyalty and support among members

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Proactive business referral

In addition to the traditional method of members finding business through one another....

we are focused on fostering proactive business referrals across our multiple business categories within our online communities.

Business Networking
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Annual General Meeting


​The Association (PGA) will hold An Annual General Meeting (AGM) to provide an opportunity for members to connect with one another, whether it's to catch up with old friends or partners or to connect with new ones.

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Freight Debt Protection (FDP) Plan

*  Limit of Liability Maximum of US$10,000 for each participated member.

*  Limit of Compensation:  Annually claims amount Max. of US$5000

*  FDP Fee:  US$500 annually

*  Refundable: It is conditional refundable after three years of p

*  This plan will protect FDP participant members from the debt owed by another fellow FDP participant in the event of bankruptcy.

Read more details and terms (Click here)

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Referral program

As a member of our logistics network, you understand the importance of growing your business and expanding your reach. Referrals are a powerful way to achieve these goals by generating new business opportunities and increasing revenue.

In addition, you can help your friends expand their businesses by inviting them to collaborate with you and other members of our association.

As a bonus, you can earn a prize by referring successful new members to our network. Click to see details

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