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21st Annual General Meeting

3-5 Mar 2021 at Bali

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Damietta to Koper (Read more...)

4000 Mt Cement (Read more...)

Latex gloves (Read more...) Paired successfully 18 Nov 20

Chartering 3500 Tons (Read more...)

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia / Lagos, Nigeria Port(Read more...) Paired successfully 6 Nov 20

Cement in bulk 6000 MT(Read more...) Paired successfully 2 Nov 20

No space why don't try (Read more...)

Bulk charter Viet to Malaysia (Read more...) Paired successfully 26 Oct 20

Supply chain at Guangzhou (Read more...Paired successfully

Ship for sales /LOA: 107,0 meters (Read more...)

3920mt St. Petersburg to Kamsar (Read more...)  Paired successfully

Charter an accommodation vessel 360pax+ onboard (Read more...)

8350t Algeria to shanghai (Read more...Paired successfully

Member's article (Read all)

Auto shipping specialist -TIME CARGO (Read more...)

Your problem, my challenge, Globe Trekkers Dubai (Read more...)

Comfortable fly for a luxury car - Euro Italian Freight (Read more...)

Race car - Euro Italian Freight (Read more...)


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