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Mission of Pacific Global Association (PGA) is committed to establishing a worldwide Freight Alliance that unites small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating within the freight forwarding, supply chain, and logistics sectors. The primary objective of the association is to establish a platform for these enterprises to come together, pool their resources and expertise, and elevate their visibility and competitiveness on the global stage. Through the PGA Freight Alliance, member companies will unlock access to fresh business prospects, shared supply chain networks, and an augmented market presence. By synergizing efforts with fellow members, companies can extend their outreach and provide more comprehensive logistics solutions to their clientele, thereby facilitating their growth and prosperity within the realm of global trade.

Our History: (Since 2000) January 2000: Pacific Global Association Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "PGA") was founded in Hong Kong. February 2000: The inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place in Hong Kong. June 2019: A significant restructuring occurred, leading to the establishment of Pacific Global Association Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "PGA"). An LOI was signed in 2019, securing ownership of all members under the new entity. July 2019: Post-acquisition, PGA shifted its focus toward an O2O (Online-to-Offline) business network. A dedicated Online Global business network was set up on the LinkedIn platform, encompassing diverse business categories including Auto-car, Bulk machinery & item, Cold meat, Coffee/Tea leaves, Food & Beverage, Wine, Yacht & international trading. July 2020: Our expansion efforts extended the coverage of our traditional logistics network. Moreover, we introduced additional specialties such as International courier services, ship chartering, and ship brokerage.

Chairman & Founder:

Mr. Norman Lok (HK SAR, China)

Committee Executive:

Mr. Jacky Lok (HK SAR, China)

Committee member:   

Mr. Anthony Paratore (Australia)

Mr. Ricky Lok (HK SAR, China) 

Our committee members are committed volunteers selected from our existing member companies, all bound together by a shared goal: to expand & reinforce the freight partnership alliance, thus tackling the intricate challenges within the global supply chain, while fostering mutual aid & trust among the members.



We are focusing more:

Bringing together a team of highly qualified specialists across diverse fields.

Cultivating a culture of proactive business referrals

To foster enduring business partnerships, enabling members to collaborate effectively with one another as long-term strategic allies.

Facilitating seamless business leads and support through online networking via social media.

   Member's specialty

* Auto-car shipping and inspection

* Bulk & conventional cargo handling

* Cold-chain logistics solution

* Courier & international express

* Global logistics solution

* Heavy-lift item handling

* Fashion logistics


* Project freight specialist

* PPE Logistics & supply chains

* Quality and Quantity inspection

* Auto & racing car shipping

* Ship's broker & chartering

* Wine logistics, Including bulk wine

* Yacht Shipping

At Pacific Global Association (PGA), we take pride in operating

as a semi-exclusive logistics partnership alliance.

* Limited to only three members per port/city worldwide, each specializing in a unique logistics domain, fostering heightened collaboration along the same supply chains. Additionally, all applicants undergo screening by three reference companies' checks.

* Advantage: Focused expertise, reduced competition, deeper collaboration, enhanced quality control, personalized attention & optimized resource allocation.

* Positive Reputation & greater trust: More than 50% of our current membership has been affiliated with our association for over a decade and the membership renewal rates consistently exceed an average of 90%.

Proactive Business Referral Initiative

In tandem with the conventional approach of members discovering business opportunities amongst themselves, we are strongly committed to nurturing proactive business referrals throughout our diverse business sectors within our online communities.

Annual General Meeting    AGM   

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an annual partner and networking conference for both old and new members, as well as logistics industry observer guests to attend. It provides a unique platform for members to reunite with colleagues and partners, fostering camaraderie and creating opportunities for new connections  

Moreover, the two full-day one-on-one meeting schedule allows for deeper engagement and relationship building.

Freight Debt Protection ( FDP ) Plan


Coverage:  Solely to unpaid invoices resulting from a participant incurring financial obligations due to the unfortunate event of another participant being bankrupted

Maximum Liability in Case of Bankruptcy:  FDP offers a paramount threshold of liability, capping at US$10,000.

Limit of Compensation: FDP participants can claim a maximum compensation amount of US$5,000 annually. 


FDP Fee: Deposits US$500 annually & duration of Participation (3-Year Term): 


Refund Policy: Conditional Refund After Satisfying Three-Year Participation. 


Please click here  to read the details and terms

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