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ZIM Revamps Its Oceania Trade Services

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. has unveiled a restructuring plan for its existing Oceania services (CAX, TFX, and N2A) with the goal of enhancing customer service quality. These modifications are scheduled to roll out over the course of October 2023 and are detailed as follows:

ZAX - Northeast Asia - Australia: ZIM is set to replace its current CAX service with the following new service: Route: Pusan – Qingdao – Shanghai – Ningbo – Hong Kong – Yantian – Nansha – Brisbane – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane - Pusan

Southeast Asia - Australia and New Zealand: ZIM will replace its present TFX and N2A services with the following new services:

ZAO – ZIM Asia Oceania Route: Laem Chabang – Singapore – Tanjung Pelapas – Singapore – Jakarta - Brisbane – Sydney – Auckland – Lyttelton – Port Chalmers - Brisbane - Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore - Laem Chabang

ZOX – ZIM Oceania Express Route: Singapore – Jakarta – Fremantle – Melbourne – Napier – Tauranga – Brisbane - Tanjung Pelepas – Singapore

According to Danny Hoffman, ZIM's EVP Intra-Asia, "We are restructuring our current Oceania services network in cooperation with MSC to enhance reliability and strengthen our customer offerings. This marks an exciting new chapter for our Australia Service, as we elevate the level of service we provide."

Please note that the collaboration with MSC is subject to relevant regulatory approvals.

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