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Shanghai Port after 1st June

Shanghai Port has ushered in a retaliatory shipment peak recently, and the daily container throughput of Shanghai Port has risen to more than 95% of the normal level. Some people in the industry said that it is currently a cargo ship, and the freight rate is also rising due to insufficient capacity, according to Shanghai Securities News.

In sea freight, currently, the daily container throughput of Shanghai Port has exceeded 119,000 TEUs. At Shanghai Yangshan Port, the average daily export declaration volume during the lockdown period was 7,000, but since June 1, the daily export declaration volume has increased to 11,000, an increase of more than 50%. In addition, at present, the time from the opening of the port to the departure of the Shanghai container ship has been compressed from 48 hours in the normal period to 24 hours or even 16 hours.

Sea freight to South East Asia, according to one of the short-haul carrier marketing information, in April 2021, they received about 14,000 TEU but dropped to about 4,000 TEU in Apr 2022 due to the epidemic and lockdown. They predicted a rebound to over 10,000 TEU in Jun according to the current market trend.

Recently, the freight rate has already increased US$100/TEU or more for short-haul and increased US$1000/FEU or more for Europe and USA routes. And what do you think the ocean carriers would further increase the rate or add another item of fees.

According to CCTV news reports, the cargo volume at Shanghai's sea and air ports has continued to rise in the past few days and has basically returned to more than 90% of the normal level. With the completion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Shanghai Port may usher in a one to two-week shipment peak.

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