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21st AGM at Bali, Indonesia

Venue: Pullman Bali Legian Beach Hotel

Day tour          3 Mar 2021(Wed)

Meeting        4-5 Mar 2021(Thu-Fri)

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Fee (USD)

Attendee   Member   Non-Member       

1st               700          900                    

2nd             650          850                    

3rd              650          850                   

Spouse      200          200                    

*  Spouse is always welcome but only allowed to attend the dinner (2 Nights) party.

*  No refund for any cancellation

* Meeting fee included 2 days meeting expenses, lunch, dinner & coffee during the meeting period but not included hotel

room rate. 

# NOT included 1st-day leisure tour.

*  No refund for any cancellation

Early bird - closed on 30 Nov 2019

* Payment must be paid 15 days after

the application date.

Pacific Global would hold an Annual General Meeting(AGM) in Q1 yearly, you will always enjoy a 3 days schedule.  1st-day, a leisure tour it let you to do business in a relaxing atmosphere and to really know your fellow members in the association and 2nd-3rd-day, a full day one to one meeting

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