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Who is the reefer giant

Alphaliner's ranking of the top 10 container shipping companies in terms of their reefer container (refrigerated container) capacity. The analysis found that a significant portion of the container fleets of European companies are capable of transporting temperature-sensitive foods.

As of April 2022, Maersk ranked first, although MSC had already surpassed Maersk to become the world's largest container shipping company in January of the same year. Compared with the refrigerated container capacity of the same period last year, MSC has grown by 12.1%, which is obviously related to the overall fleet capacity growth of 11.8%. Since April 2022, the overall fleet of Maersk has decreased by 2.5%, resulting in the loss of its top position in the refrigerated container transportation field.

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Alphaliner noted that in terms of refrigerated container capacity related to fleet size, Israel's ZIM had the highest percentage increase, achieving nearly 26% growth, which is consistent with its 26.3% overall fleet expansion. Maersk (23.1%) and Hapag-Lloyd (21.1%) followed closely behind.

In terms of the top three carriers with the highest percentage increase in reefer container capacity compared to their overall fleet expansion, Israel's ZIM ranks first, followed by Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd. Hapag-Lloyd is the only carrier whose increase in reefer container capacity is higher than its overall fleet expansion, and it is also the most recent to receive new vessels with high refrigerated container capacity designed for deployment in services to and from Latin America.

The article concludes by noting that the utilization of reefer container capacity is less in demand on major east-west trade routes dominated by the largest shipping companies than on smaller north-south routes.

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