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Welcome PrimeLogistics MB join us

Congratulations on being part of the Pacific Global Association! The Association and all members welcome you, and we look forward to a successful journey with you! Welcome aboard!

Dear members, you're welcome to open a dialogue with the new member now and seek any business opportunity for mutual benefit


PrimeLogistics MB

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Valid until:

Dec 2023

Specialty by Group:


(A) F&B Distributor, Int'l freight forwarder, NVOCC, logistics solution, project freight.​ (B)Purely for Courier, Ship chartering & agency, Custom Broker, transportation and warehouse operators.

Contact Person:

Jeronimas Ravinskas




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Member's message:-

PrimeLogistics has been present on the European and C.I.S. growing markets since 2011 offering comprehensive freight forwarding services. Companies of the Group are located in Lithuania, Belarus and Georgia.

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Pacific Global message:

Are you looking for...

* Link with different categories of experts

* Member to members work closely in the network

* To build trust with your partners

* Get a good business partner globally

* See "old friends & your partners" & the new ones.​

Please stay tuned to our upcoming AGM on 22-24 May 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam

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