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The Vietnam's PGA's AGM 2023 by LECEX BRASIL

Article from Lecex Brasil.

In May of this year Lecex were in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to attend, for the very first time, the Pacific Global Association 2023's Annual General Meeting. The Brazilian freight forwarder and trading company has worked within the international supply-chain business for over 30 years and, since 2019, is a member of PGA's network. Since then, Lecex has been fortunate to make great friends and is regularly getting incoming business through this great group.

Before the meeting we entered Vietnam through Hanoi, in order to start learning about the country's culture. In the capital we saw and had a taste of South-eastern Asian culture, cuisine, street life, history, architecture and the amazing way in which the Vietnamese people treated us. After a few days we took a cruise to encounter Halong Bay. A tour that, for us, was one of the most incredible experiences we had in our lives. Having finished this leisure step we went on to tackle the real work.

At Ho Chi Minh City Lecex’s CEO Mrs. Patricia Carcanholo and her husband Head of Innovation Mr. Leonardo Renales personally got in touch with PGA agents with varied backgrounds and skill sets. Exchanging plans, ideas, points of view and projects in over fifteen meetings granting a great experience between all parties.

One of the most valuable skills that Lecex brings to the table is making business to and from Brazil safer and more stream-lined. So this kind of opportunity is perfect

to show that capacity and explain it, live, to PGA's friends.

As many foreign agents and traders are aware, Brazil isn't an easy going and calm place to do business. Many political, legal, geologic and economic events may put entire business plans at risk. Within this scenario, Lecex acts together with its partners by managing risks to avoid misunderstandings and any possible griefs for our clients and collaborators. Because of the nature and intricacies of this topic, this was one of the most important experiences Lecex has shared with PGA members.

Multiple agents also had the opportunity to show their challenges, culture, businesses, plans, ideas, and many more exciting points of view, further deepening the understanding of all the classic skills common among dispatchers and traders. Also, there were conversations held on topics such as ESG, IoT, and the digitalization of the global economy. These conversations were essential in updating all the mindsets spread throughout the meeting.

This kind of opportunity is unique and the Lecex team would like to thank all of the PGA team and agents members for having us during this great event. We wish you the best and until the next time!

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