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S. African port update


Pleased to inform you that United National Transport Union (UNTU), has accepted Transnet's offer and staff have returned to work

· The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU), have not accepted Transnet's offer

· Terminals are now operational with the staff that has returned to work, albeit not the full staff complement..

Based on the above: Durban Pier 1 , 2 , Cape Town Container Terminal and PE Terminal

  • Stack dates will start opening

  • Import block releases on the basis of bookings are done by transporters early

  • The influx of vessels is going to create congestion at all ports and thus transporters not being able to cope

  • Durban is going to be very congested for exports, so we also have options for cargo loading ex JHB to go via PE and then shipped out of PE.

Durban Roro terminal

  • Roro units are moving in and out of the terminal, booking office will be open from today

  • The forklift driver and 18 ton TPT forklift drivers are back in the terminal

  • However, during strike, we hired private forklifts in the port

Durban MPT terminal

  • MPT ops are advising they starting to continue works today and they will keep us updated

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