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ISS Group Merges with Freight Logistics Australia to Expand Services

ISS Group, headquartered in Sydney and founded by Mr. Zoran Ilic, has recently announced its merger with Freight Logistics Australia (FLA) in Melbourne. While both companies will continue to operate as separate entities, this strategic merger will enable them to expand their businesses and offer even better services to their clients.

ISS Group is a leading logistics and supply chain provider with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. With this merger, the company aims to strengthen its position in the market and enhance its capabilities. The two companies have complementary strengths and expertise, which will allow them to collaborate and grow together.

Mr Zoran Ilic, the Managing Director of ISS Group excitement about this new partnership, saying, "We look forward to joining forces with FLA and working together to provide even

better services for our loyal customers." This merger will enable ISS Group to tap into FLA's extensive network and resources, while FLA will benefit from ISS Group's established brand and reputation.

Furthermore, ISS Group is proud to be the Pacific Global Association's (PGA) Gold Member in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. As a member of this Semi-Exclusive global network, ISS Group has access to a wide range of resources and expertise, which enables it to provide world-class logistics solutions to its clients. As a member of the PGA, ISS Group is committed to providing high-quality logistics solutions to all PGA members in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and beyond.

In conclusion, the merger between ISS Group and Freight Logistics Australia is an exciting development for both companies and their clients. With their combined strengths and expertise, they are well-positioned to expand their businesses and offer even better services to their customers.

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