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Etihad Cargo: Delivering on Promises and Expanding Horizons

Etihad Cargo, the logistics arm of Etihad Airways and the UAE's national freight carrier, has consistently exceeded performance targets in the first half of 2023 (H1). This achievement builds on the carrier's recent successful years, marked by global expansion and the enhancement of its premium product lineup.

Strategic Growth Etihad Cargo's growth strategy leverages the strategic location of its Abu Dhabi hub to enhance connectivity worldwide. From adding new destinations and increasing flight frequencies to adopting customer-centric approaches, the airline has adapted to challenging market conditions while meeting cargo capacity demands. Crucial Partnerships Partnerships have been instrumental in Etihad Cargo's expansion. In 2023, it entered a significant block space agreement with China's SF Airlines, connecting Abu Dhabi with the Hubei province. The carrier also made history by operating flights to Asia's first professional cargo airport, Ezhou Huahu Airport.

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Investing in Cool Chain Etihad Cargo, in partnership with Etihad Airport Services Cargo and Abu Dhabi Airports, inaugurated a cutting-edge cool chain facility at its Abu Dhabi hub. This facility doubles its cool chain capacity, allowing it to handle an additional 50,000 tonnes of temperature-sensitive goods.

Innovative Training Etihad Cargo introduced its in-house training program, 'Pharma Champions,' aimed at enhancing pharmaceutical transportation expertise and customer service. Aligned with its long-term vision, this program supports Abu Dhabi's ambition to become a global hub for pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

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