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China import 2022

Imports to China declined 7.5% from a year earlier to USD 228.07 billion in December 2022, less than market expectations of a 9.8% fall and moderating from a 10.6% decline in November, as domestic demand remained weak amid a surge in COVID-19 infections and supply chain issues. Considering 2022 full year, imports rose 1% to USD 2.7 trillion. Imports are expected to improve this year, with metal commodities likely being a top contributor following a full reopening of the economy. source: General Administration of Customs

Percentage by item:

Machinery and transport equipment accounted for 38% of total imports on the back of Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances (21%), Road vehicles (4%), Telecommunications and sound recording and reproducing apparatus and equipment (3%),

Office machines and automatic data processing machines (3%)

Other important categories were:

Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials (17%) led by petroleum, petroleum products and related materials (13%) and gas, natural and manufactured (3 percent); crude materials, inedible, except fuels (14%), such as metalliferous ores and metal scrap (9%); chemicals and related products (11%) due to organic chemicals (3%) and plastics in primary forms (3%); miscellaneous manufactured articles (7%); manufactured goods classified chiefly by material (7%); and food and live animals (4%).

The biggest source of imports was the:

EU (13 % of imports) of which Germany (5%) and France (2%),

South Korea, Taiwan, Japan (8% each),

US and Australia (6% each),

Brazil (4%),

Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia and Saudi Arabia (3% each),

Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia (2% each).

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