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Besides strikes in USA, German also

America is facing the twin threats of rail and trucker strikes just as signs emerge that its ports on both coasts are getting overloaded once again.

The ongoing negotiations between dockworker unions and employees on the US west coast are also fraying nerves for many involved in supply chains. The twin threats of road and rail strikes during the peak season come as data shows congestion is growing at the country’s top two ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach. The number of import containers waiting for more than nine days at both ports has shot up this month to their highest figures in the year to date. Congestion on the east coast has been brewing for many weeks too.

Sea Shipping - Oakland, CA

Vinpac Container - Los Angeles, CA

Breglog - Germany

In Germany, the port strikes affected include Hamburg, Emden, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brake and Wilhelmshaven.

German dockers are set to commence a 48-hour strike on Thursday as wage negotiations with employers reached an impasse.

Some 12,000 workers in German seaports will go on strike from 6.00 AM local time on 14 July to 6.00 AM 16 July.

The 48-hour walkout would be the longest in more than 40 years.

If the strike goes ahead, it will have a serious impact on liner networks and worsen the already chronic supply chain congestion at North European container hubs.

Prepared by Jacky - Social Media of Pacific Global

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