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UAE-China Freight Capacity

In a significant move aimed at fortifying trade and investment links between the UAE and China, freighter capacity is undergoing substantial expansion.

A recent agreement inked between Beijing Daxing International Airport and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) sets out to establish a global benchmark for free-trade zones. The anticipated surge in commercial opportunities holds the potential to drive bilateral trade up to $200 billion by 2030. UN COMTRADE data reveals that Chinese exports to the UAE reached $53.86 billion last year.

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Adding to these developments, Etihad Cargo recently launched a service to Ezhou Huahu Airport, a cargo-centric hub inaugurated in July of the previous year. Plans for the airport encompass 40 domestic freight routes and four international cargo routes by year-end. With a visionary outlook, the airport aims to expand to up to ten international cargo routes and 50 domestic routes by 2025, with an annual cargo and mail throughput of 2.45 million tonnes.

Moreover, the UAE holds a pivotal role in China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a comprehensive endeavor aimed at connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe through both land and maritime networks.

This strategic partnership underscores the shared commitment to fostering global connectivity and trade.

The progression of freighter capacity and the growing collaboration between these two nations bodes well for forging a more robust and interconnected future.

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