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In South Africa now...

Wish South African resume normal soon.

The death toll in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal has reached more than 300, after devastating floods wreaked havoc in the area. Local authorities are calling for a state of disaster to be declared, after some areas saw months worth of rain fall in one day.

Officials have called it "one of the worst weather storms in the history of our country".

Message from our member M/s PACCON LOGISTICS SA (PTY) LTD

Roads leading to certain areas of the port have been badly damaged and cargo operations partly suspended dependant on individual terminal conditions and clean-up operations.

Warehouses, transport depots and other related infrastructure in surrounding areas have been badly affected with total wash-aways in some areas. A lot of people are unable to travel to their places of work which further impacts an already disastrous situation. Power supply is returning although erratic in certain areas due flooding of sub-stations.

As mopping up arrangements gather pace, the demand on available resources is huge so delays in communications and movement of cargo are inevitable.

Any logistics need in South Africa, PACCON LOGISTICS can assist you.

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