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E-Commerce of fast fashion

Shein, the fast-fashion e-commerce giant founded in China, plans to invest almost $150 million in Brazil to make the country its manufacturing and export hub for Latin America, as part of its global expansion strategy. According to a statement released on Thursday by the Singapore-based company, the investment aims to "provide tools and training for factories to upgrade their traditional production models," and will "enable local producers to manage orders more efficiently, reduce waste at the source, and minimize excess inventory."

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Shein anticipates that this investment will help 2,000 local manufacturers create up to 100,000 jobs within the next three years. Moreover, the online marketplace plans to onboard third-party Brazilian sellers following a successful pilot program last year. The company aims to diversify its supply chain to maintain growth in a rapidly evolving geopolitical climate that has seen the US and other countries place increasing trade restrictions on goods from China.

By the end of 2026, Shein plans to have 85% of its sales in Brazil sourced from local manufacturers and vendors, according to Marcelo Claure, the company's Latin American chairman. Currently, the company imports 70% of the products sold in the market from China, as reported by the local media outlet Brazil Journal.

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