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As a member of our logistics network, you understand the importance of growing your business and expanding your reach. Referrals are a powerful way to achieve these goals by generating new business opportunities and increasing revenue.

In addition, you can help your friends expand their businesses by inviting them to collaborate with you and other members of our association.

As a bonus, you can earn a prize by referring successful new members to our network.

To participate, simply click the below link to download Pacific Global Association's profile (PDF) to your business partners or friends. Alternatively, you can send your friend's contact information to, or ask them to enter your company name in the "Referral by" field on our online membership application form at

Here are the conditions for earning the reward of US$300 for each successful applicant.

1. The reward will only be given to successful applicants after they have made a payment.
2. The reward money can only be deducted from the meeting and membership fee.
3. The Association reserves the right to make changes with or without prior notice.

Thank you for your continued membership and support in our logistics network. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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