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Quality over Quantity

* Pacific Global Association (PGA) like as a semi-exclusive logistics network that accepts only three members per city worldwide, each with a different logistics specialty.


* All applicants are screened and subjected to three credit reference checks.

PGA membership provides a range of benefits:

* Firstly, the limited number of members reduces competition within the Association and allows members to collaborate with each other, bringing a unique set of skills to the table.


* Additionally, members receive personalized attention and support from the organization and other members, ensuring that their needs are met.


* PGA fosters stronger and more friendly relationships among its members, creating a more supportive and collaborative environment that is especially important if you are looking for a long-term partnership.


* Over 70% of current members have been with PGA for more than 10 years, and membership renewal rates over 90% on average in the previous 20 years demonstrate the satisfaction of its members.


* PGA ensures optimal exposure for each member, creating a strong sense of loyalty and support among members.

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