What should I do my cargo on the way to Manila

Issued on 15 Mar 20

According to media reports, the Philippines raised the alert for COVID-19 to the highest level and announced that it would block Manila from March 15 to April 14. Affected. What should I do when the shipment has just arrived.

The following are not all, but at least share some experience:

a) The goods just arrived or on the carriage to Manila

1. In order to avoid the delay caused by the cargo, convince the consignee to change to

other ports in the Philippines

2. Obtain the consignee's commitment to change other ports.

3. As of now, the Covid-19 epidemic has spread all over the world, and it is "Risk-On" of the financial supply chain (Slow, suspension, break.)

so cargo un-collection, abandon or return to the port of loading may be incurred.

It is recommended to purchase cargo insurance because some cargo interests will not buy cargo insurance for short-haul shipment of both FOB and C&F terms.

b) Cargo arrives in Manila

1. Contact the shipping company for information

2. Negotiating with shipping companies for longer free storage and container detention.

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