Vietnam - Top 10 investment opportunities

What do you think the following Vietnam top 10 investment opportunities?

Any another opportunities in other business categories for SME companies?

Agricultural Products Processing

Car sales, maintenance & supply chains

Construction and building Materials

Cosmetics & Detergents

E-Commerce & export

Furniture producing

Garment and Textile Products

Logistics & supply chains

Real Estate

Restaurant and Bar

# Vietnam container port volumes increased by 8.5% last year to 16.94m Teu,

up from 15.62m Teu in 2019.

GDP GROWTH RATE IN THE PERIOD 2011-2020 (Photo & source:


The 2020 is considered as a year of difficulties and challenges for the world economy in general, including Viet Nam. The world economy is forecasted to experience the most serious recession in history, the growth of major economies has declined deeply due to negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Viet Nam’s economy still maintained growth with GDP growth estimated to increase by 2.91%.

The Covid-19 has been complicatedly evolved, disrupting socio-economic activities of countries around the world; the US-China trade conflict continues. Domestically, natural disasters and epidemics have significant impacts on economic activities and people’s lives; unemployment and underemployment rates have been high. However, with drastic and effective solutions in complementing the dual goal of “prevent pandemic simultaneously with and develop socio-economic”, Viet Nam economy still achieved positive results with the economic growth maintained. Although GDP growth in 2020 reached the lowest rate in the period 2011-2020, but in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, this was a success of our country in the group of highest growth rate in the world. With China and Myanmar, Viet Nam is one of three countries in Asia which has positive growth rate this year, at the same time the economy scale reached over 343 billion USD[1], passed Singapore (337.5 billion USD) and Malaysia (336.3 billion USD), making Viet Nam to be the fourth biggest economy[2] in South East Asia (behind Indonesia 1,088.8 billion USD; Thailand 509.2 billion USD and Philippines 367.4 billion USD).

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