US announced tariffs on 300 billion


Issued on 10 Jun 20

US announced tariffs on 300 billion

exclusion list for batch 5 against China

On June 8, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) released the cumulative 30th batch of exclusion lists for tariffs imposed on Chinese products, mainly involving the complete exclusion of all commodities under 2 tariff lines in the List 4A list of 300 billion tariff products and 28 exclusions The 32 items under the tariff line include gloves, lithium batteries, some textiles, three-way valves for irrigation, LCD liquid crystal displays, eyeglass frames, watch accessories, child safety seats, fish hooks, lighters and other products. That is to say, 34 items in 30 tariff lines in this exclusion list will be exempted from the 7.5% tariff from the implementation date (September 1, 2019) to September 1, 2020.

Tariff inquiry method

Step 1: Confirm the HTS CODE of the product in the US

First, confirm that your product is in the HTS CODE in the United States, which is actually the HS CODE in China. Normally, the first 6 digits of HTS CODE and HS CODE are the same, and the last 4 digits vary from country to country, so it is recommended to enter the first 6 digits, and then query the HTS code of the product in the United States according to the specific product description.

U.S. International Trade Commission official website:

Enter the above website, enter the first six digits of Chinese HS CODE in the search box, such as table lamp 940520****, and select the exact HTS CODE according to the product description.

Step 2: Inquire whether to increase tax

To ensure accuracy and authority, we make inquiries on the official website of USTR. Official website of the Office of the US Trade Representative:

Step 3: Inquire whether to exempt

The list of exemptions is still to be queried in the 30 PDF files issued by the Office of the US Commercial Representative


6月8日,美贸易代表办公室(USTR)公布了针对中国商品加征关税的累计第30批排除清单,主要涉及3000亿关税产品List 4A清单中2个税号下所有商品完全排除以及28个税号下32个品项商品,包含手套、锂电池、部分纺织品、灌溉用的三通阀门、LCD液晶显示器、眼镜架、手表配件、儿童安全座椅、鱼钩、打火机等产品。即本次排除清单中的30个税号34个品项产品,自加征实施之日(2019年9月1日)起至2020年9月1日免加征7.5%的关税。


第1步:确认产品在美国的HTS CODE

首先,确认你的产品在美国的HTS CODE,这其实就是中国的HS CODE。通常情况下,HTS CODE与HS CODE的前6位是一致的,后4位则各国有不同的变化,所以建议输入前6位,然后根据具体产品描述查询产品在美国的HTS码。


进入上述网站, 在搜索框中输入中国HS CODE的前六位数,如台灯940520****,根据产品描述选择准确的HTS CODE。





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