The average daily charter rate for a 12,500 DWT

Issued date Feb 20,2020

The average daily charter rate for a 12,500 DWT/ F heavy lift vessel is $ 7,385 in Feb 2020 and $7,393 in Jan 2020 & expect remained stable

for the past month according to Toepfer Transport, shipbroker info.

By the beginning of this year, maritime consulting company Drewry is optimistic about the prospects of multi-purpose shipping and predicts that under the strong demand of the entire dry cargo industry, the average scheduled charter rate in 2020 will increase by 6%.

However, hopes that the market will improve in the short term have diminished. The spread of the C

oronavirus has severely hit Asian trade, and the multipurpose sector is still adapting to the impact of the IMO 2020 sulfur regulations. Other perennial issues with multi-function fleets, namely excess tonnage, and competition from other sectors, continue to limit any substantial rise in rates.

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