The tide of Airlines bankruptcy COVID-19 global outbreak

Issued on 22 Apr 20

5 Mar, Flybe regional airline collapses putting 2,000 jobs at risk 3月5日,英国老牌支线航司Flybe正式宣布进入破产接管程序,成为在疫情之前倒下的第一个牺牲者。

23 Mar, Compass and TransStates of the United States declared bankruptcy one after another, witnessing the quiet exit of two local airlines on the same day. Compass Airlines, which flies regional routes for American Airlines as American Eagle out of its Los Angeles hub, will shut down completely on 7 April & the Trans States announced that another of its subsidiaries, Trans States Airlines, a regional carrier for United Airlines, would also shutter operations, on 1 April. 3月23日,美国的Compass和TransStates相继宣布破产,于同一天见证了两家本土航司的悄然退场。 隨著美國之鷹(American Eagle)從其洛杉磯樞紐起飛,為美國航空開通區域航線的指南針航空公司(Compass Airlines)將在4月7日完全關閉,Trans States宣布其另一家子公司Trans States Airlines(美國聯合航空公司的區域航空公司) ,也將在4月1日關閉運營。

5 Apr, RavnAir, the largest airline in Alaska, formally applied for bankruptcy protection, awaiting the assistance decision of the US Treasury.


8 Apr, The German Lufthansa Group broke its wrist to save itself, and announced that it will permanently close its low-cost carrier Germany Wing.

4月8日, 德国汉莎集团在困境中断腕自救,宣布永久关闭旗下廉航德国之翼。

21 Apr, Virgin Australia, the nation’s second-largest airline, announced Tuesday it had entered voluntary administration, seeking bankruptcy protection after a debt crisis worsened by the coronavirus shutdown pushed it into insolvency.

4月21日, 澳大利亚第二大航空公司维珍澳大利亚航空周二宣布,已进入自愿管理,在冠状病毒关闭导致债务危机恶化,使其陷入破产后,寻求破产保护。

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