Story Miss Wasabi & Mr. Chocolate


Issued on 18 Mar 20

Story Miss Wasabi & Mr. Chocolate how difficult from Chiang Mai to China under

Covid-19 outbreak.

(1) No direct flight from Chiang Mai after various calling to the air agent, a lot of flights suspended globally included Thailand, fortunately, we got an available flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok & catch up a connecting flight (Bangkok to Shanghai) on the same day. Shanghai., We'are coming.

(2) You never experienced the airplane cabinet temperature is -18C, it was really very cool and a few hours later we landed Shanghai Pu Dong Airport safely.

(3) We're arranged by the agent to change all dress & passing the custom entrance quickly and arrives at my customer premises within one day and went to bed after a long day.

When we woke up, Oh, god why we're on the shopping carts - Wasabi & chocolates -


How done of a One-Stop Food & Beverage DDP experts:

(1) Professional logistics DDP services can assist you always.

(2) The goods were stored in an icebox.

(3) The goods (Flavored wasabi & Frozen fruit coasted chocolate) Product content label audit & labeling then DDP to the customer premises.

F&B EX work/ DDP experts, contact PGA member:-


Thailand: World-united.

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