South Africa, current status...

Level 4 Alerted, National Shutdown on 12 July 2021

We have been monitoring the protest action in various provinces in South Africa and of the 12/07 protest action has resulted in National Shutdown in South Africa

Kindly note that this is a force majeure situation and if transport travel is not safe for delivery we will stop delivery for safety of cargo , truck, drivers etc , however it’s important that Cargo owner review the insurance cover as we will not undertake any liability , including the following general points :

• transport is undertaken on a strictly limited liability basis and would not include

incidents related to the current situation.

• Risk to travel during the protest action

• Lost load due to protest action / Fire or theft

• Damage to goods

• Damage to carrier container

• Offloading site equipment standby charges

• Storage at the terminal or demurrage.

For safety of cargo / drivers and trailer equipment , transport may have delays, several trucks have been burnt etc, all roads have been closed due to burning of tyres etc. Note, loads have been stopped for travel until department of transport issues a memo that road are clear and safe for travel.


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