Shortage of air capacity for E@commerce

Issued on 8 May 20

Recent PPE & medical essential items all shipped by cargo/charter flight or by a

passenger flight transforms into cargo flight.

When people stay at home, what you would like to do, play game and shopping online, so online shopping demand rises more than 20% recently

however, a shortage of air cargo capacity maybe affects the E-commerce business due to a sharp decrease in passenger flight globally affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. I hope you get your shopping items on time if not please contact PGA and our local members would assist you in freight all kinds included cold chains & E-commerce logistics.

電子商務的航空運力不足 最近防護裝備和醫療必需品, 通過貨機物, 包機, 或客機轉換為載貨. 當人們待在家裡時,您想做什麼,玩遊戲和在線購物 因此最近的在線購物需求增長了20%以上,但是,由於受Covid-19疫情影響的全球旅客飛行量急劇下降, 大部分客機停飛可能會影響電子商務業務。 希望您能準時得到購物物品,請與PGA聯繫,我們的當地會員將為您提供各種貨運服務,包括冷鍊和電子商務物流。

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