Shenzhen - DCB Terminals new intra-Asia service connecting to Vietnam & a link to U.S.

Issued on 20 Aug 20

Shenzhen’s DaChan Bay Terminals (DCB Terminal) has commenced its new intra-Asia service connecting to Vietnam, making it the first port of call in China for import cargoes from Vietnam to reach Shenzhen directly.

M/V VINALINES DIAMOND berthed at DCB Terminal on 16 Aug, it marked the official start of CLX (Chu Lai Express), an intra-Asia route operated by Venus Steamship Co., Ltd.

DCB Terminal is the 1st stop of this route in China, and imported goods can go directly to Shenzhen from Vietnam. In addition, this route allows carrier to use Da Chan Bay as a hub connecting Vietnam to other trade routes and also an important link for cargo transit between Vietnam and North America.

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