Referrals - 8350MT Algeria to Shanghai

Issued on 2 Aug 20 Latest web published:

If you're interesting this referral, please contact with us:

POL: Annaba, Algeria

POD: Shanghai China

Term: fios bss pcgo

volume: ABT 8350 MTS Steel slab

Date: LAYCAN 03/07.09.2020


Commission: 3.75 pct ttl ( to be negotiated)

Joins us to get more business


Charters / shippers need:

1. Classification certificate

2. Certificate of Entry

3. Ship's Basis with Charter company registration

4. GV plan of Charter Vessel

5. Insurance cover confirmation of

Charter vessel


Kindly provide the above documents so that we can discuss further abt freight and Also let me know what is the Lay can of vessel.

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