RCEP's opportunities for AU

Issued on 26 Nov 20

Brainstorm what happen next & the opportunities for Australia after the RCEP signed

on 15 Nov 20.

RCEP is covering trade in goods, trade in services, investment, economic and technical cooperation, and creates new rules for electronic commerce, intellectual property, government procurement, competition, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

What happen next for Aussie farmers and export of minerals, is what business categories to be benefited in RCEP.

Previous Market update - What is RCEP

Welcome for comments and you can check with our local member who can assist with you.

Fremantle: Bullocks Freightmaster International https://bullocks.net.au/

Melbourne: FLA Pty Ltd. https://www.fla.com.au/

Sydney: International Shipping Services http://issshipping.com.au/

According to media www.miragenews.com information "" One in five jobs in Australia is trade related and exporting companies on average have workforce 24 per cent larger than non-exporting companies and pay 11.5 per cent higher wages. Trade and investment boost economic growth, support jobs and improve living standards across Australia including in rural and regional areas. The MCA’s ‘New Frontiers‘ research project released last week has found that Australia’s mining export success story in the Asian region has a long way to run. The report highlights Australia’s vital interest in keeping international trade open and growing, and the role of the Australian government in leading by example. ""

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