Ramadan is coming soon - Are you ready?

Issued 5 Mar 20

This year the Ramadan starts on April 24th to 24 May 20, during Ramadan, the government and enterprises in Muslim countries will adjust working hours, including customs, ports, logistics, warehousing & other agencies and enterprises. Since 2018, consumers have begun shopping frantically about three weeks before fasting and reached their peak shopping in the second week of Ramadan. Therefore, from the perspective of the owner, it is particularly important that the shipment arrives in the destination market before Ramadan.

Due COVID-19 impacts, some countries implement a strict vessel entry quarantine control:

The Kuwaiti Maritime Department will follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Global Health Epidemic on the emergence of new Coronavirus infection cases, From February 25, Kuwait banned ships from the "endemic area" Boer! (View article: Contrary to IMO and WHO, the country refuses to berth ships from "infected areas" such as China, Japan & South Korea)

The Philippine port authorities require that some coastal ports implement a 14-day quarantine policy for ships from China (including Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) before berthing operations (counting from 14 days after leaving Chinese ports).

Ramadan countries:

All Arab countries & West Africa: Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Niger &Nigeria.

Central Africa: Chad. Southern African island nations: Comoros.

Europe: BiH and Albania. West Asia: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and Afghanistan. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.

South Asia: Pakistan, Bangladesh & Maldives.

Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei.

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