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Issued on 7 May 20 (Chinese version at the bottom)

The most prominent list of China international freight forwarding industry is released! 221 well-known freight forwarders were selected into the "List of Key Freight Forwarding Enterprises of the Ministry of Commerce"! This shortlist is administrated by the China Ministry of Commerce and has been screened by the provincial and municipal commercial departments and freight forwarding associations. The finalized freight forwarding company of the "Key Contact Enterprise of the International Freight Forwarding Industry of the Ministry of Commerce" can be said to be the most outstanding enterprise representative of China's international freight forwarding industry.

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The number of enterprises on the list of the eight major ports in the country is as follows: 26 in Shanghai, 22 in Shenzhen, 20 in Xiamen, 19 in Tianjin, 9 in Ningbo, 9 in Dalian, 5 in Qingdao, 4 in Guangzhou. Click to view the list: http://www.sofreight.com/news_44712.html

(# 82 Is VINPAC Multitrans(China), Shanghai) The basic conditions for becoming a key contact enterprise in China's international freight forwarding industry: (1) The company has been established for more than three years, with standardized management, sound rules and regulations, and good business performance. (2) The large-scale leading enterprises or highly exemplary innovative enterprises in the province (region, city) are leading, demonstrative, representative, and have a certain influence. (3) The application level of logistics technology and information technology is high, and it has strong innovation ability and outstanding results in integrating resources, organization mode, standard application, and technology promotion. (4) No major violations of laws and regulations and safety accidents in the past 3 years. 这可能是中国国际货运代理行业最具分量的名单之一, 全中国共有221家国际货运代理企业入选中国国际货代行业重点联系企业. 因为这份入选名单由中国商务部主导,并经过各省市商务厅及各省市的货代协会层层筛选,而最终确定的 “商务部国际货运代行业重点联系企业” 的货代公司,可以说是我国国际货代业最优秀最杰出的企业代表。 全中国八大口岸所在地上榜企业数量如下: 上海 26家, 深圳 22家, 厦门20家, 天津 19家, 宁波9家, 大连9家, 青岛5家, 广州4家. 单击链接以查看http://www.sofreight.com/news_44712.html

(# 82 永柏国际货运, 上海) 成为中国国际货代行业重点联系企业, 必须具备的基本条件资格: 1. 成立3年以上,经营管理规范,规章制度健全,经营业绩良好。 2. 省(区、市)内规模较大的龙头企业或示范性强的创新型企业,引领性、示范性、代表性强,具有一定的影响力。 3. 物流技术及信息化技术应用水平高,在整合资源、组织模式、标准应用、技术推广等方面创新能力强,成效突出。 4. 近3年内无重大违法违规行为和安全事故记录。 VINPAC全方位物流解决方案提供商 www.vinpacgroup.com www.vinpac.com.cn(餐饮和冷链店)

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