Mega container ship mishap in Busan

Issued on 7 Apr 20

Container ship MILANO BRIDGE in the afternoon Apr 6 contacted gantry crane 85 at Busan New Port container terminal while proceeding to berth 7 with pilot on board, then she contacted berthed container ship SEASPAN GANGES, and moving on momentum further on, contacted cranes 81 and 84. Crane 85 collapsed, cranes 81 and 84 were derailed, crane 85 operator was slightly injured. SEASPAN GANGES left port shortly after accident, understood damages were slight or none. MILANO BRIDGE as of 1100 UTC wasn’t yet moored, probably because of crane debris on her stern.

Container ship MILANO BRIDGE, IMO 9757187, dwt 146931, capacity 13870 TEU, built 2018, flag Panama, operator ONE.

Container ship SEASPAN GANGES, IMO 9630365, dwt 115177, built 2014, flag HK.

Source from Maritime Bulletin and click to view video

PGA Korea Member (VINPAC Korea) comments:

The accident occurred at the new port of Gadeok in Busan(PNC) The Milano Bridge, a container ship belonging to ONE, collided with several QUAY cranes installed in the dock while touching the PNC port two-part six. One out of five QUAY cranes installed on the 8th deck of the 2nd part of the new port will be completely damaged by one-half wave and the other three will be repaired due to crane rail damage.

For the time being, they will be suspended for 40 days. The number of QUAY cranes in Pusan New Port is 22EA and 5 EAof them are affected It is estimated that terminal congestion will increase. Port supervision company, QUAY Crane of PNC PIER regarding the accident It is expected that the new production will take about a year and a half. It also estimated that the 84ND, which was pushed out of the nearby rail, will take three to five months if there is no major damage to the structure, and more than that if there is any damage to the structure. In addition, the 82nd and 83rd reactors require accurate diagnosis as they do not seem to have major visual problems, and the 81st units will likely have damage such as lower and silbeam. Related industry sources the crane quay zpmc and other manufacturers,crane and recovery, and to her " and said, " is that this movement and also to be repaired. Damage repair takes about at least six months, but so far only known at mobile it can be difficult even with, explained.

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