Major countries unblocked - Covid-19

Issued on 30 Apr 20

Major countries unblocked (Except China) Among the 50 US states, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alaska, South Carolina and other states have begun to deregulate, while Tennessee, Mississippi, Montana, Minnesota, Colorado and other states began deregulation on April 27, including Cancel the home order, allow the factory to resume work and the business to operate, etc. New York State prepares to extend home order in "many areas" of the state Canada Some provinces began to plan to gradually relax restrictions Italy April 27, some construction workers and industrial machinery, automobiles, and boutique factories resumed work. From May 4th, the previous strict measures will be gradually relaxed, and bars and restaurants can resume take-out services from May 4th The retail store resumed business on May 18. Spain It is planned to gradually relax the nationwide epidemic control measures within 6-8 weeks by the end of June. May 4 phasing out the restrictive measures implemented since March 14


May 11 plans to unblock. Germany On April 20, some smaller stores were allowed to reopen. On April 27, all German states implement the rule that they must wear masks when shopping and taking short-distance public transportation. Belgium May 11 Most companies reopen May 4 Masks must be worn on the public transportation system. Russia May 11 Non-working days will be extended Saudi Arabia April 29, commercial malls and private enterprises and factories were allowed to resume business with conditional conditions. Israel Street shops, barbershops and beauty shops have reopened, allowing restaurants and cafes to provide takeaway services, but large shopping centers are still closed. India April 24 Shops, community stores and independent shops open for business must wear masks Korea May 6, the life and epidemic prevention phase of daily life and epidemic prevention work began concurrently. South Africa Apr 30 The national ban will not be extended; May 1 is allowed to resume some commercial operations under special conditions. Brazil More than a dozen states have gradually relaxed social isolation policies and resumed business activities. Chile The safety resumption plan was released on April 24, including the three phases of tasks for civil servants to restore necessary public services, return of private enterprise workers to work and student resumption of classes.

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