Iranian rial

Issued on 14 May 20

The Iranian rial has depreciated by about 60%. 60% depreciation! In this country, the currency denomination erased 4 zeros! Overnight, 100 million households changed to 10,000 households. Under the double blow of the tightening of sanctions by the United States and the closure of the epidemic, Iran ’s bleak economic outlook on Tuesday caused the official rial-dollar exchange rate to fall to the lowest level since September 2018 in the unofficial market. According to data from Bonbast, a website that tracks unofficial market exchange rates, the dollar is currently 171,200: 1 against the rial, while the official exchange rate on the Iranian central bank's website is 42,000: 1.

Since U.S. President Trump announced his withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement in 2018 and restarted sanctions against Iran, the Iranian currency, the rial, has depreciated by about 60%. The Iranian parliament approved on the 4th that the official currency of Iran was changed from riyal to Turman. 1 Turman is equal to 10,000 riyal, which is equivalent to erasing four zeros in the official currency denomination. According to the amendment to the Iranian Currency and Banking Law passed on that day, Turman will gradually replace the rial within two years. During this period, the government will collect old coins and banknotes and replace them with new coins and banknotes. Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Sunday that US economic sanctions, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, falling oil prices and the global economic downturn have all caused "bad conditions" to the Iranian economy

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伊朗货币里亚尔已贬值约60%。 贬值60%!这个国家下狠手,货币面额抹去4个零!一夜之间,亿元户变万元户.. 在美国收紧制裁措施和疫情封城的双重打击下,当地时间周二,伊朗暗淡的经济前景导致官方里亚尔兑美元汇率在非官方市场上跌至2018年9月以来的最低水平。 据追踪非官方市场汇率的网站Bonbast数据,目前,美元兑里亚尔高达171,200:1,而伊朗央行网站的官方汇率为42,000:1。 自2018年美国总统特朗普宣布退出伊朗核协议并重启对伊制裁以来,伊朗货币里亚尔已贬值约60%。 伊朗议会4日批准,伊朗官方货币由里亚尔变更为土曼,1土曼等于10000里亚尔,相当于将官方货币面额抹去四个零。根据当日通过的《伊朗货币和银行法》修正案,土曼将在两年内逐步代替里亚尔。在此期间,政府将收集旧硬币和钞票,并用新硬币和钞票代替。 伊朗副总统贾汉吉里(Eshaq Jahangiri)周日表示,美国的经济制裁、新冠疫情暴发、油价下跌以及全球经济下滑都给伊朗经济造成了“恶劣条件”

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