India lockdown

Issued on 26 Mar 20

To tackle the coronavirus outbreak India already lock down currently until 31 March 20, includes grounding all domestic passenger flights – international flights were previously suspended until 29 March.

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Indeed, about 60% of truck drivers serving JNPT in Mumbai, “fled to the villages” in fear of the outbreak, according to the local trucking association info. JNPT terminal operator Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals (BMCT) said many users faced difficulty arranging pick-ups, due to the shortage of manpower and resources, and it would, therefore, be extending the free storage period of all import containers. “Harvesting, packing and transporting has become a big problem due to the clampdown on people's movement,” said Pankaj Khandelwal, of INI Farms. There have been similar confusion in the e-commerce sector, with Amazon and Flipkart forced to suspend pick-ups and deliveries due to local authorities closing warehouses, despite their apparent exemption from the lockdown measures.

Be safe and take care, all Indian friends.

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