How China export trade in 2020 Q1

Issued on 10 May 20

The total export trade is 3.33 Trillion RMB in 2020 1st Quarter and it was 11.4% decrease

compare the same quarter of last year according to China Customs Statistics information. China export region: ASEAN surpassed the EU to become China's largest trading partner and export to the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries have decreased. And in “One Belt, One Road” countries, it rises 3.2% about 2.07 trillion RMB growth

Export commodities rise in 2020 Q1:

Chinese medicinal materials and

Chinese patent medicines 0.9% Food 2.3% Integrated circuit growth 9.5% Product oil 15.3%

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Export commodities decline over 15% in Quarter one, 2020: aluminum and aluminum( unwrought) 15.9% Aquatic products 18% Audio and video equipment and parts 17.4% Automatic data processing equipment and its components 22.6% Ceramic products 24.5% Clothing and accessories 20.6% Household appliances 14.5% Fertilizer 27.8% Furniture and parts 20.5% Lighting fixtures and parts 21% Luggage and similar containers 19.8% LCD panel 19.5% Steel 18.7% Shoes and boots decreased by 20.7% Ships dropped 25.2% Textile yarns, fabrics and products 14.6% Toys 17.9%

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