Export & business risks rise sharply

Issued on 20 Mar 20

Kindly reminder to Pacific Global member.

Affected by the continuous spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and other factors, the exchange rates of local currencies in many countries have recently fallen sharply. When the value of imports has been greatly depreciated, importers may be forced to refuse to take delivery or abandon the shipment, delay payment or even not pay.

The currency depreciation sharply countries:

Russia, Malaysia, India, Iran, South Africa, Brazil (the BRL has depreciated by 25%), Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay have also appeared.

(Currently severely affected countries: Italy, Spain, South Korea)

If need any assistance, you're welcome to contact Pacific Global world-wide members to assist you at anywhere at anytime

Pay attention before shipping:

1. Exchange rate change

2. Local sea, Air or Seaports traffic control

3. Prevent customers from being delayed or unable to take delivery

4. The buyer's business operating status prevents the risk of default.

5. Buy export credit insurance

温馨提示: 出口风险急剧上升

受COVID-19疫情持续蔓延等因素影响,近期多国本币出现汇率大跌, 当大幅贬值时进口成

本被抬高, 进口商可能会为了逃避损失而选择拒收, 弃货, 拖延支付货款甚至不付款。


俄罗斯, 马来西亚, 印度, 伊朗, 南非, 巴西(BRL已累计贬值25%), 墨西哥, 哥伦比亚、智利、


(目前严重疫情国家: 意大利, 西班牙, 韩国)

如果需要任何帮助,欢迎您与Pacific Global全球成员联系,以随时随地为您提供帮助


1. 汇率变化

2. 当地海空港口交通管制情况

3. 防止客人延迟或无法提货

4. 买家的运营情况,防范违约风险

5. 购买出口信用保险

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