European ports

Issued on 5 May 20

It is about 75% of cargoes importing the EU by sea freight and 30% of the Intra-Eu trade also transported by sea-carriage, affected by The COVID-19 outbreak in Europe, most of the terminals & warehouse shut down when the country lockdown. Therefore, Import containers backlog may appear a few weeks later in European ports and some of the buyers may be unwilling or unable to receive previously ordered goods due to concerns about the economic slowdown of cash flow difficulties.

In the reverse route, Europe - Asia trade may encounter a shortage of container equipment due to aforesaid if realized, so FOB would reduce the risk of ocean freight rate increase or carrier's equipment imbalance fee levy.

# If any logistics assistance request, you're welcome to contact EU member:

Brelog GmbH - Germany


Holland Freight Bridge - Netherland

MM Cargo Express - Poland


2HM LOGISTICS - Slovenia

Rhenus Logistics - Sweden

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