Issued on 12 May 20

EMIRATES SkyCargo has started dedicated cargo flights on a scheduled

basis every week to

67 global destinations

across six continents

since the first week of May.

Out of the 67 destinations, 58 are served by Emirates' Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft with a cargo capacity of around 40 tonnes and 24 cities are served by the Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 777-F aircraft with the ability to uplift 100 tonnes of cargo per flight. The flights include 6 cities in the U.S., 7 in Africa, 6 in Australia, 22 in Asia, 11 in the Middle East and 15 in Europe. Emirates SkyCargo operated over 2,500 dedicated cargo flights in the month of April transporting essential supplies including protective equipment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and food 自5月的第一周起,阿联酋SkyCargo每周开始定期飞往六个大洲的67个全球目的地的专用货运航班。 在67个目的地中,有58架是由阿联酋航空的波音777-300ER客机提供的,载重量约为40吨,阿联酋航空的SkyCargo Boeing 777-F飞机可以为24个城市提供服务,每架飞机最多可以提升100吨的货物 飞行。 这些航班包括美国的6个城市,非洲的7个城市,澳大利亚的6个城市,亚洲的22个城市,中东的11个城市和欧洲的15个城市。 阿联酋航空SkyCargo在4月份运营了2500多次专用货运航班,运输必需品,包括防护设备,医疗设备,药品和食品

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