buy & sell containers online without a commission

Issued on 8 Jun 20

Container xChange, the online platform for container logistics, announced the launch of their trading marketplace on Thursday. This is the first solution in the market that allows customers to buy & sell containers online without a commission from certified partners, the company stated.

In addition to its one-way marketplace, Container xChange has now developed a second option for container owners to avoid empty container moves. “Buying & selling containers used to be a risky business, but now with the neutral marketplace payments for transactions can be protected. The experienced service team at Container xChange is always there to personally assist,” the company added.

More than 10,000 containers are already available on the neutral online marketplace – ready for buyers and sellers.

With the xChange trading marketplace you can:

1. Buy containers from certified partners within seconds instead of sending out mass emails and waiting days for a reply (if you have partners in that specific region at all).

2. Sell containers to vetted partners globally instead of only growing your network through going to trade shows, sending your stock to email subscribers or getting relevant traffic to your website.

3. Gain 100% transparency on who you buy from or sell to without added commission.

4. Get notified for containers that match your needs, was there ever an easier way of doing business?

5. Stop following up on invoices, xChange automates invoicing & payment handling for you

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