Container equipment imbalance realize soon

Issued on 21 May 20

Affected by the new Covid-19, China ’s exports have shrunk severely, and container equipment has been stagnated at various ports in China since February. With the implementation of the blockade by many countries around the world in March, the 19th week, the suspension of the ship voyage on the Asia-North Europe trade route will reach At the peak, about 38% of the routes were cancelled; and the east coast of Asia-South America will cancel 59% of the voyages. The pressure on the container is quite severe. In June, China will have a serious shortage of export container equipment.

According to the CAx "Container availability Index" released by Xchange,

container availability at the major ports in the world can be quantified.

A CAx value greater than 0.5 indicates a container surplus, and a value of less than 0.5 indicates a shortage. In March 2020,

Port of Rotterdam was 0.44 in the same period last year was 0.7

The CAx value of the 40-foot container in Shanghai Port is 0.66 and 0.47 in the same period last year This shows that there are more containers in Chinese ports, while in Europe there is a shortage of container equipment.

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Although the shipping company has begun to redeploy the containers, it still takes some time to return to normal due to the current shipping situation. The shipping company had previously collected container allocation fees, but now the shipping company may levy it again. Therefore, the integrated freight rate is expected to increase by 8-10%.

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受新型Covid-19的影響,中國的出口嚴重萎縮,自2月以來,集裝箱設備一直停滯在中國各個港口。隨著全球許多國家/地區在3月(第19週)實施封鎖,亞洲—北歐貿易路線上的停航將達到頂峰,大約38%的路線被取消;而亞洲-南美的東海岸將取消59%的航行。容器上的壓力非常大。 6月,中國出口集裝箱設備將嚴重短缺。


CAx值大於0.5表示容器過剩,值小於0.5表示短缺。 2020年3月,





那麼, 貨運代理和NVOCC 如何經營 "SOC"

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