Cold Chain Logistics in China


Issued on 6 May 20

Cold chain logistics demand is being increased day by day in China triggered by

Chinese consumers higher demand standard concern of quality & safe foods

(e.g., aquaculture products, dairy, fresh fruits/flowers, meats & vegetables)

Cold-Chain combined logistics a yummy fruit chocolate

By PGA member World United Logistics Thailand and VINPAC Multitrans Shanghai

Food & Beverage (F&B) consumption continuous increase. And according to market information, in 2019, the Chinese cold chain logistics market was worth RMB276.37

billion, growing an annual compound rate of 10.5% between 2010 and 2019. Review the cold chain market growth it is above 20% annually in the last few years,

in terms of the amount predicted to increase to RMB350 Billion or more in 2020 instead of RMB80 Billion in 2011. And further, more popular E-commerce, aquatic food & pharmacy (Medicines, vaccines, blood and diagnostic reagents) is a driver for cold-chain logistics for the coming years.

中国冷链物流 20年5月6日发行 由于中国消费者对质量和安全食品(例如水产养殖产品,乳制品,新鲜水果/花卉,肉类和蔬菜)的更高需求标准关注,引发了中国对冷链物流需求的日益增加 餐饮消费持续增长。 根据市场信息,2019年中国冷链物流市场规模为2763.7亿元人民币,2010年至2019年期间的年复合增长率为10.5%。回顾一下冷链市场在过去几年, 每年以20%

以上的速度增长的情况,预计增长从2011年的800亿元 上升到 2020年的 3500亿元人民币


而且随着电子商务越来越流行, 水产食品和药品(药品,疫苗, 血液和诊断试剂)是未来冷链物流的驱动力.

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