Cold-chain Combine(Road/Air) logistic for a yummy Fruit chocolate

Issued on 28 Apr 20

Vinpac Multitrans (China) Ltd has been committed to developing import services for food and beverage supply chains in recent years. Our services include:

1. Conduct Import Feasibility Study and consultation .....Provide you with the import feasibility consultation for the overseas stocking period, and determine whether specific kinds of fresh meat and aquatic products, plant-derived foods and pre-packaged foods can be imported.

2. Import compliance consulting.....Provide you with the relevant labels and documentation compliance required for customs clearance.

3. Preferential tax rate.....We have a rich customs clearance experience. With complete documentation presented, if your goods are originally produced in ten ASEAN countries,

South Korea, Australia, India & other countries, we can strive for preferential tax rates for you.

Welcome for inquiry please contact VINPAC - Shanghai:; Tel : 021-66292251 / 021-66292160

4. Label design.....The company has our own professional team to efficiently and quickly design Chinese labels that comply with Chinese laws and regulations.

5. Cold-chain Combine(Road/Air) logistic for a yummy Fruit chocolate

a. "Thermo packing" with dry ice for this product is required

b. By land carriage, a cold-chain truck with -18℃ all the way from Chiang Mai to Bangkok Airport for immediate transshipment by Air to Shanghai.

c. Same day delivery at destination & let you enjoy it.

6. After-sales consultation.....We commit ourselves that even the completion of customs clearance is not the end of our services. The company has extensive experience in international trade and can help you with problems you may encounter in the international settlement, tax deductions, professional counterfeiting, etc.

In a nutshell, Import foreign food & beverages to China . . . . . . if there are any unclear customs regulations? Call us, certainly, we can help you!

冷链物流(路/空联运) - 可口的水果巧克力

永柏国际货运(中国)有限公司, 近年来致力于食品, 饮料等进口代理服务。我们的服务包括:





欢迎垂询,请联系VINPAC-上海:; royceyao@sh.vinpac.com电话:021-66292251 / 021-66292160

5. 冷链物流(路/空联运) - 可口的水果巧克力

a. 此产品需要用干冰进行“包装”

b. 陆运(冷链卡车-18℃) 从清迈往曼谷机场立即转飞往上海.

c. 当天送达目的地让您享受


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