China domestic air resumed over 50%

Issued on 12 May 20

China domestic air ticket bookings resumed over 50%, the airline said the most difficult days are over and they see a dawn at the end of the tunnel It was about 200% rebounded in business travel route Beijing-Shanghai few days after a May 1st long holidays according to "" the most popular travel App in China.

Relevant management of Air China (601111) pointed out that from the situation in the second quarter, the month-on-month situation in April has a more obvious increase than that in March. increase. With the prevention and control of the epidemic, the resumption of production and production in June, including economic recovery, it is expected that there will be an increase in the chain, showing an overall recovery. The management of Eastern Airlines (600115) also believes that the demand for resumption of production and production started at the end of February and early March, and the domestic aviation demand slowly recovered, but the international epidemic accelerated. The domestic capacity delivery dropped by 78% in February, and the passenger load factor was 45%. It fell by 63.7%, and the passenger load factor was 60%. In April, it was expected to drop by less than 60% year-on-year, and the passenger load factor was about 68%. Capacity delivery matches the slow recovery of demand, and the passenger load factor is also rising month by month. According to the current judgment, China Eastern believes that domestic flights can be restored to 70-80% in the second quarter, 80-90% in the third quarter, and it returns to a more normal level at the end of the year. The positive growth relative to 19 years is expected to be next summer-autumn. "The coldest severe winter has passed, and the dawn is ahead, and the trend is improving." The management of China Southern Airlines (600029) pointed out that the situation in April is basically the same as that in March, and the summertime may be shortened. It is expected that the domestic recovery period from May to June and the rebound period from July to August will be expected. "At present, the domestic market is considered to be a U-shaped rebound. It is expected that the domestic capacity will return to the level of last year in mid-to-late July. It will take about 1-2 years for international recovery." or international recovery."

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