Bangladesh Port backlog

Bangladesh, with a backlog of nearly 50% of containers in Chittagong, Chittagong currently has a backlog of more than 51,000 standard containers, far exceeding 36,000 container ports. Domestic land transportation resume on 4 May 20. It takes more than ten days for the cargo ship to wait for the berth of the pier after arriving at the anchorage outside the port. For this, it needs to bear additional port stay fees, fuel costs, berth fees and other expenses. , Unloading fees, container occupancy fees and capital costs, and long waits caused the cancellation of scheduled ship schedule changes and other losses, operating pressure increased sharply. The report cited an example that a container cargo ship of Bangladesh OEL Company arrived at the outer anchorage of Chittagong Port on April 5 and waited for 11 days before unloading at the berth of the terminal. Hundreds of garment factories in Bangladesh reopened on Sunday, which has raised concerns that vulnerable groups in the industry may be infected by the virus. The report pointed out that due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, some well-known international brands have cancelled or postponed billions of dollars of orders, which has seriously affected the garment processing industry, which accounts for almost all of Bangladesh's export revenue. Due to compliance with the embargo, Bangladesh ’s garment factories closed at the end of March, but some suppliers said that foreign apparel brand retailers are urging them to complete outstanding export orders.

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