Amazon Prime Day 2020

E-Commerce related guys eager when Amazon Prime Day 2020

In the past, Prime Day was basically carried out in July, and Amazon usually announced the specific time in January. Industry insiders analyzed that, considering the current trend of the outbreak, Prime Day this year is likely to be postponed, perhaps in August.

What is Amazon Prime Day? Prime Day is a one-day promotional event launched by Amazon in 2015. The event is conducted on the entire network of (Amazon US)

In 2019, Prime Day lasted 48 hours, sales exceeded the total sales of Black Friday and Net Ease Cloud in 2018, third-party sellers earned more than 2 billion US dollars, sold more than 175 million items, and the activities covered 18 countries around the world. Including Australia, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, China, Singapore, France, Spain, Germany, Arab League, India, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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