A380 why have this tragic ending

Issued on 19 May 20

The A380 entered service in 2007, but Airbus announced last year that the A380 will be discontinued in 2021. In contrast, the Boeing 747 series first flew in 1969 is still in production. The A380 is the world's largest passenger aircraft. It can carry up to more than 800 people. The general configuration can also carry more than 500 people, which is a lot larger than

the Boeing 747's more than 400 people. Emirates is the largest A380 user with more than 100 aircraft.

A short-live of A380...why, maybe the following points or do you have any comments: # Largest aircraft does not mean that the competitiveness is stronger and it is not easy to fill it. It can only fly to and from first-tier cities, such as Hong Kong to London, London to New York. Want to use A380 to expand the market, from Hong Kong Manchester, Chicago without losing money? Almost impossible. And further smaller aircraft now have longer and longer voyages, and airlines now love to use them to develop point-to-point routes between small and medium-sized cities so that passengers do not have to change flights. # Fuel consumption is staggering. With a four-engine design, the average fuel consumption per passenger per mile is much higher than that of the new twin-engine passenger aircraft. # Few airports can serve it, A380 wingspan is longer than 747, so many airports need to be modified to accommodate, parking fees are naturally more expensive, fewer airports can go # The conversion into a cargo plane is also unqualified, the aircraft must be subject to the maximum take-off weight limit, Only the front part of the 747 is double-layered, and the A380 is a full-double-layer design. The internal space is extremely rich. If it is full of cargo, it will be overweight and unable to take off. Existing passenger aircraft cannot be replaced by cargo aircraft to continue service.

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