A letter from PACCON-S.Africa

Issued on 24 Mar 20

Dear colleagues and partners,

Our state president has this evening made a public announcement to the effect

that South Africa will shut down all but essential services for 21 days effective

midnight Thursday 26 March until Thursday 16 April.

The full speech is attached which please share through your appropriate

platforms and associations.

We are not yet sure how commercial shipping will be affected and will be

seeking urgent guidance from the relevant authorities; updates will follow

as soon as we are able to do so.

Our team will all be working remotely from home during this shut down and

you can continue to use our usual email address and mobile phone numbers

listed on everyone’ e-signatures. There may be unavoidable delays in response

times and we ask for your patience as we adjust to this situation. Mobile phone

and data networks will be placed under extreme stress which will hamper


Where it is urgent and you cannot get hold of your usual Paccon representative,

you may call myself (+27 83 2867820) and / or Logan Nayager (+27 84 6039095)

at any time.

Statement details:


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