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Issued on 8 Apr 20

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Hello from Manila. Our President has extended the Luzon island quarantine up to April 30,2020. It is supposed to end April 14 but with the rising numbers we have, we can’t take chances. We at FiveStar are working from home. It is just a struggle with the Customs while they prioritize release of essential goods mostly medical and food. Movement is really really slow. We are able to get D/O from shipping lines and consolidators thru online transactions. The problem is all CFS releasing LCL cargo are not operating at the moment. There are limited banks operating as well. In the course of our operation, the Customs clearing is most affected. Freight forwarding is manageable. I wish everyone’s safety and praying that this pandemic be over soon.

Take care everyone !


You're welcome to contact Five Star http://www.fivestar.com.ph for further inquiry:

Anne Herschelle P. Adrineda

Pumkin Alcaraz

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