435 voyages of container liner suspension

Issued on 2 May 20

According to market information 435 voyage of container liner suspension, about 7 Mil. Teu demand decrease as late Apr 20 affected by the Covid-19 and further 3 Mil Teu decrease for May 1 China long holidays impacts. On April 29, OOCL announced the May-June suspension of trans-Pacific routes and the Indian Subcontinent Express; according to the current suspension arrangements and planned suspension capacity may be as high as 40% -50% The trans-Pacific region, the three major alliances each suspended about 17% -24% of their capacity in the 15th to 21st weeks. However, in the 22nd to 27th weeks, the suspension rate of 2M and THE Alliance was 19% -21%.

The Ocean Alliance also announced three Asian-Nordic blank voyages in May, cancelling the remaining two FAL7 / NEU3 voyages and May 17th FAL8 / NEU7 voyages. It is expected that it will announce more suspensions in the second quarter. In Week 19th, the Asian-Nordic trade route will reach its peak, and about 38% of routes will be cancelled. In week 20th, about 33% of the routes from the Mediterranean to the east coast of North America will be cancelled; on the East coast of Asia-South America, 59% of voyages will be cancelled. Container equipment imbalance maybe incur incoming 50-70 days at specified ports, what do you think.

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