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Chairman speech

Mr. Norman L0k, a founder and Chairman of the Pacific Global Association Ltd.

Chairman speech: 

Our goal is to establish a freight alliance with global branding for logistics SME (Small-Mid Enterprise) companies worldwide, with limited members per city, to allow members to collaborate closely on the same chain to tackle today's logistics challenges with continuous growth.


The Pacific Global Association (PGA) is a global logistics network that was established in 2000 with a single member in each city, since restructuring its membership in 2022 to include up to three members per city, the PGA now consists of over 150 member companies in more than 55 countries.

Each member is carefully selected for their expertise in project logistics, heavy-lift freight, and freight forwarding, with each member having a different logistics specialty.  As a member of the PGA network, companies benefit from personalized attention, access to a wider network of logistics professionals, and exposure to specialized logistics expertise.

By collaborating with other members, companies can expand their services and capabilities, offering their customers more comprehensive solutions for their logistics needs.


The Pacific Global Association (PGA) is dedicated to creating a global Freight Alliance that connects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the freight forwarding, supply chain, and logistics industries., the association aims to provide a platform for these companies to collaborate, share their resources and expertise, and enhance their image and competitiveness in the global market.  

Through the PGA Freight Alliance, member companies will gain access to new business opportunities, shared supply chains, and increased market presence.  By collaborating with other members, companies can expand their reach and offer more comprehensive logistics solutions to their customers, helping them to grow and succeed in the global trade industry.

The Association also promotes high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct within the industry, ensuring that member companies uphold the highest quality and service levels.

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